Project Partners

Currently, three research institutes from two countries (Ukraine and Germany) are involved in this project. There is a long history of institutional and personal collaboration between those institutes and its members. With respect to SURGE-Pro, there was a short introductory pilot study on the topic, called SURGE. The final report on this preliminary study can be found here .

Chair of Forest Growth and Dendroecology
Fakultät for Umwelt und natürliche Ressourcen
Albert-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg

Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU), Lviv, Ukraine

Department of Biometry and Information Sciences
Forest Research Institute Baden Württemberg, Freiburg, Germany

At the beginning of the project, there was a fourth partner institution (St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University). It has been suspended from project tasks since 25th of February 2022 due to the Russian war of against Ukraine. See also our News section .